I think the most selfish wish is to expect someone not forgetting anything.


Once, I chose a road where I needed to go far from my family and my dearest friends. I went abroad for a year.

There I learnt that sometimes forgetting is just all you need so you can enjoy the present. You don’t need to keep thinking about the ones who already long gone. You don’t need to keep missing your faraway loved ones when the closest ones are more important.

Wishing someone, who is going to go far, to not forget about you; it’s selfish.

Instead you should just say, “Enjoy your days and once in awhile let’s keep in touch.” Or if you know they will return, just say, “I’ll be waiting for you.

Forgetting is letting go. Like setting yourself free from a tight knot.

Memories are meant to be stored in your head. Once in a while, it would be fun to cherish moments. But most of the present times, you should be busy of making the new ones.


Sometimes you just need to let people forget about your good deeds. Do not expect them to still remember it.

So you focus on the present. To do more. Not being full of your past.


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