What do I like about being older? I’ve figured things out earlier. I know the story the younger does not.

I like when the younger curiously listens to my story about the past; the lesson I learned, the moment they missed, the days when I was younger.

I like when the younger asks how it feels to be in the past. I like to describe how everything was so the younger can see that the past was real and I was there.

I like when the younger tells me about what is happening and I am like, “I have been in that kind of situation.” Then, the younger will ask me to share how I made it through. I, the older, will be so happy to share how I did and tell them to go through a better path.

What do I like about being older? The younger asks me to tell story and they’ll listen. I like the bright eyes the younger puts me into, the frown on the forehead, and the chin on their knees.


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